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intoxicate me.
13th-Aug-2006 02:19 am - Naruto Blogcrew
Where's my love?
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★★ Guidelines
。 You do not need to be one of my friends to be a part of this Blogcrew!
。 One character per person! ONE!
。 Please look at that the list and the commentors before you when you request a character, thank you!
。 Please use the following code after approved, wherever it is you store your blogcrew list!


EDIT: I had the link in the code linking to the Zanpaku-tou Blogcrew, but it's fixed now and it's linked here! Sorry for the inconvenience! <3
11th-Aug-2006 02:12 pm - Zanpaku-tou Blogcrew
Shinigami daddy
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★★ Guidelines
。 You do not need to be one of my friends to be a part of this Blogcrew!
。 One Zanpaku-tou per person! ONE!
。 Please look at that the list and the commentors before you when you request a Zanpaku-tou, thank you!
。 Please use the following code after approved, wherever it is you store your blogcrew list!

23rd-Jun-2006 07:20 pm - FLOW MP3s for jo0~!
Shinigami daddy
I love FLOW, their music is wonderfully upbeat and fun~! So I figured I'd upload a few of my favorites by them~! Two of the songs are from the anime Naruto, both are openings. The other two are just songs I like by them! Rather than a bundle, I've uploaded them all separately so you can choose!

"Re:member" by FLOW*
"taiyou" by FLOW
"Dream Express" by FLOW
"GO!!!" by FLOW*

* = Songs from Naruto

Note: This band has a Jrap/Jhiphop feel/element to them, not a big one but it is there in some parts, just letting you know before you download~! <3

(I felt like the one Anna Tsuchiya song wasn't quite enough! XDDDD)

"Dream Express" by FLOW
21st-Jun-2006 06:09 pm - Naruto Seiyuu MP3 Bundle 01
Shinigami daddy
Alrighty, here is the first batch/bundle of Naruto voice actors/seiyuus singing! ^^ This batch will include my most favorite ones! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do~! ^^ And her are the songs, the singer and who they voice on Naruto:

- "Gekkabijin" by Inoue Kazuhiko Kakashi <3
- "UNFAIR" by Morikubo Showtarou Shikamaru <3
- "Believe In Heaven" by Shinichirou Miki Mizuki
- "Muge" by Paku Romi Temari <3
- "Rebirth Megami Tensei" by Tamura Yukari TenTen <3
- "In Your Eyes" by Toriumi Kosuke Kiba
- "Goran, Taiyo Dayo" by Sasaki Nozomu Hayate
- "EVIL EYES" by Kanna Nobutoshi Kabuto <3
- "Standing To Defend You" by Itou Kentarou Chouji (from the Bleach Vocal Collection, as Renji)
- "Suigintou no Yoru" by Sugiyama Noriyaki Sasuke (from the Bleach Vocal Collection, as Ishida)

Download Bundle (MIRROR 1) (MIRROR 2)

*EDIT: THESE ARE NOT OF THE NARUTO SEIYUU.... IN CHARACTER, sorry for any confusion. These are for other anime and such, openings and endings, etc.

"Blue" by Utada Hikaru
20th-Jun-2006 03:50 pm - HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR MP3s for you~!
Shinigami daddy
God, I must seem like a tard with way too much time on her hands to organize these zips for you guys... But whatever, I figured I might as well spread the love for some of the Jpop/Jrock artists I enjoy listening to! ^^ So here is a music bundle from HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR!!

- "OVER" <3
- "Warped Reflection"
- "Ichirin no Hana"
- "Ichirin no Hana ~Huge Hollow Mix~" <3
- "Days"
- "With YOU"
- "Insomnia"

Download Bundle (MIRROR)

20th-Jun-2006 02:41 pm - Another Bleach icon batch~!
Shinigami daddy
Here is another batch of icons I made that I willing to share! <3 Again, it is a batch of Bleach icons, I hope you all enjoy them~! <3

Bleach Icons: (15)
Tatsuki (2)
Rangiku (2)
Orihime (4)
Kuukaku (1)
Ichigo (1)
Ichigo & Keigo (1)
Isshin (1)
Ishida (1)
Rukia (2)

Icons are in teh cut, yo~!Collapse )

"24 Search Light" by NIRGILIS
19th-Jun-2006 02:06 pm - Mizuki Nana MP3s for you~!
Shinigami daddy
I love Mizuki Nana, and I know that a bunch of you on my flist like J-Pop/J-Rock... So I figured, hey, I'll make them an MP3 bundle of her stuff! <3 So yup, here is it, as well as the songs in it, so you know! ^^ All of these are anime openings and endings, some are from a vocal collection I believe..

- "Kimiiro 100%"
- "Take A Shot"
- "Heaven Knows"
- "Nocturne"
- "Kokoro Capsule"

Download Bundle (Mirror)

"Heaven Knows" by Mizuki Nana
16th-Jun-2006 08:29 am - I was scanning my friends' page...
Don&#39;t touch the pipe
YES, I DO CHECK ON YOU PEOPLE! I try to comment as much as I can, as well... @w@ I do my best, folks, I do my best!! But, yeah, back to what I was going to relay to you.... I discovered LJ might be/or is going to be changing the design/look of the userinfo pages.... Here is what that 'new' design looks like:


If you would like to see yours like that just add '?ver=ng' after '/profile' or change 'sachira' to your username. Ugly isn't it? Though I don't mind the top bar... If you're curious, I found this through the following usernames:

* rewritten
* indilime

Go here for the details from the LJ Design team~! SDo you can comment your thoughts on it to them as well. Also there is a petition against some of LJ's changes that you should sign! Petition found through:

* hydrogen

Please, pass this message along to your friends. <3 (I'm making this entry public.)

"Where'd You Go?" by Fort Minor w/ Holly Brook
15th-Jun-2006 07:32 pm - Hot Gimmick FST :: Hatsumi
Shinigami daddy
I was kinda bored, so I decided to go through all of the music I had and make one of 'Fan Soundtracks'! This one is to Hatsumi from the manga, Hot Gimmick! All of the songs and their lyrics, if I could find them, are in the cut. As well as the scenes or reasons I chose them!

Update!! You can now download the full album, I zipped it and put it on MegaUpload & a mirror link at YSI and SendSpace! Please let me know if the zip file doesn't work or something! <3 Also, there is now a CD cover and back for it in the cut~! <33

Hot Gimmick FST :: HatsumiCollapse )

Of cour some of the lyrics may be off, cause no one is perfect with getting them up on lyrics sites, but I went through and gather them for you~! I hope you enjoy the music~!

Also, remember with YouSendIt, it stays for 7 days! If you want it after that, please contact me! ^-^

"Shot" by The Rasmus
14th-Jun-2006 06:37 pm - Wee~! Bleach Icons!
Shinigami daddy
I'm going to post a bunch of my Bleach icons that I am willing to share! They'll all be under the cut below, so take a peek, but lemme know what/which ones you plan to use or take! <3 Also, if you want to take a look at my resources they're here and if you wanna know where I get my tutorials and such, you'll find them in my memories! <3

Bleach Icons: (18)
- Ichigo (4)
- Ishida (2)
- Rukia (2)
- Renji (1)
- Orihime (3)
- Kuukaku (1)
- Kisuke (1)
- Momo (2)
- Toushirou (2)

Onto the icons~! - BleachCollapse )

"CHANCE!" by UVERworld
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